Literature Review

Here, I am chronicling the process for my literature review. I have begun a search for information regarding static and dynamic reverse engineering techniques. The basic question is: what work has been done to integrate static and dynamic reverse engineering techniques? I will be particularly interested in tools, but I want knowledge that can be applied to tools as well. I began with a simple search for "reverse engineering" AND static AND dynamic AND software on three major databases: ieee explore, ACM portal, and CiteSeer. These are the results:

ACM query
CiteSeer query
ieee explore query

There are currently nearly 800 different documents in these queries, and they need to be narrowed. One interesting discovery is of the Alborz tool, which seems to make use of SHriMP.

See the Reading List for the list of books that I plan to read from these searches. This is an initial list pruned by title. I will later prune by abstract.

I have completed a first-run at a literature review. Through it, I've found that the research question is too broad. My research should likely focus on sequence diagrams and mixed methods for reverse engineering. Nonetheless, I have 20 documents reviewed, and a report written here. You may find the results in the "attached files" for this page.

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