A visualization-based environment for top-down debugging of parallel programs


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  • Designed for debugging inter-process communication
  • method involves running the process once in order to record the order in which events take place. Later runs will be restricted by this information to make sure that everything happens in the same order.
  • The order information is used to distribute a breakpoint across processes. If a breakpoint is set in one process, then all other processes are break-pointed at the event that comes immediately before the target breakpoint.
  • Break-points are set using a timeline visualization that depicts inter-process communication using horizontal lines for each process, and slanted vertical lines for the communication between them.
  • Presents guidelines for using visualizations in debugging. They recommend call-graphs, timelines, stack traces, and source-code listings.
  • Provides data visualization as well, as text, or as special visualizations for arrays. Arrays can be visualized as hystograms.
  • Due to the state of hardware, only one visualization can be displayed at a time.

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