Welcome to my research.

My name is Del Myers. I work with the The CHISEL Group in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Victoria, under the supervision of Dr. Margaret-Anne Storey. CHISEL stands for Computer Human Interaction Software Engineering Lab. Our lab focuses on finding innovative ways to enhance the work that humans do with computers.

My Research

I worked as a researcher at the University of Victoria for about four years on-and-off before I finally found a subject area that I thought I would be interested enough in to pursue a degree. I am currently working on a project called the Sequence Explorer. It is an SWT widget-based Sequence diagram viewer that can be plugged into Eclipse based SWT and RCP applications. I am using it as a catalyst to explore research in mixed-methods of static and dynamic reverse engineering. I hope to be able to use my research to advance reverse engineering tools so that they can become a part of a programmer/software engineer's daily work.

This Site

I'm using this wiki to chronicle my research and work. It will grow and expand over the course of time. You can go to the Publications page to see a list of my current publications. Bibliography and its sub-pages (currently Research and Methods, Reverse Engineering, Java, and Visualizations) keep track of the background and related work to this research. If you have any suggestions, please drop me a line.

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